Guidelines for Otitis Externa and Discharging Ear Secondary to Grommets

Step 1

  • Dry mopping prior to topical drops.
  • Use of cotton buds permitted with caution.

Step 2

  • Suction if available - syringing is often painful.

Step 3

  • If the ear canal is closed, then use Otowick.

Step 4

  • Topical agents
    • First choice - Sofradex, Chloromycetin 3 drops TDS
    • Second line - Maxitrol, Tobarax, Ciproxin HC 3 drops TDS
    • Fungal - Locorten Vioform or Kenacomb

Step 5

  • Oral antibiotics is sometimes useful - recurrent upper respiratory tract infection

Step 6

  • Microbiological (MCS) ear swab if no improvement after five days of treatment

Step 7

  • Vosol is a good washing agent to remove debris / pus but can sting.
  • Use with caution in perforation and grommets - 3 drops BD

Step 8

  • Diluted hydrogen peroxide 3% diluted 50:50 with saline is also a good debris removal solution.
  • Use with caution when perforated or grommets - 5 drops BD

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